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    How technology can help track off-channel communications use


    Establishing a set of policies and procedures to prevent employee use of nonauthorized electronic communications to conduct business is relatively straightforward. The hard part is monitoring compliance.

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    Survey: Compliance struggles to keep pace with mobile, social tech in workplace


    A new survey shows the use of personal devices and contemporary communication platforms are par for the course in work settings; yet 45 percent of firms feel they are incessantly behind the eight-ball when it comes to managing electronic message compliance.

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    K1 Investment Management acquires Actiance


    K1 Investment Management, an investment firm, recently announced the acquisition of Actiance, a communications compliance, archiving, and analytics provider.

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    Smarsh acquires MobileGuard


    Smarsh, a provider of cloud-based information archiving solutions for compliance, e-discovery, and risk management, has completed the acquisition of MobileGuard, a mobile communication monitoring and retention solutions provider.