Socialware, a provider of social media risk management solutions for the enterprise, announced the availability of new brand protection and monitoring capabilities.

Socialware’s Social Brand Protection (SBP) solution allows firms to automatically discover, inventory, monitor and patrol its social media and web points-of-presence, providing marketers, risk management teams and legal counsel peace of mind that their brand is not being misrepresented on social.

Social media has made it easier for firms to conduct business online and create one-on-one relationships with customers, partners, brand advocates, and employees. But given the ease of creating a social media account, however, it’s nearly impossible for firms to keep up with their authorized social media properties and even harder to discover new unknown and unauthorized points of presence. With Socialware’s SBP solution, firms can continuously discover all instances of their brand across social media and gain control of where and how it’s being used.

“The average enterprise firm has more than 178 official corporate social points of presence, but most firms also have hundreds if not thousands of instances of their brand on social media, often unsanctioned by the firm,” said Socialware CEO Ken Naumann. “This puts the firm not only at legal risk, but also at risk for damage to the brand reputation they spend so much time and money to create and protect. Socialware’s SBP solution provides an automated way to eliminate that risk.”

Socialware’s SBP solution is completely automated and removes the need for expensive and labor-intensive manual social media audits that only capture a snapshot in time. Additionally, standard content monitoring tools are only designed to patrol mentions of a brand, not to identify and monitor actual points-of-presence. Socialware’s SBP automated solution can:

Discover brand presence on social media, including use by employees, third parties, and others;

Inventory and patrol all social media and Web properties important to the enterprise;

Protect the brand from rogue agents and unauthorized use of the brand; and

Automate workflows and communication between different groups at the firm (i.e., marketing, legal, IT, risk).

These new capabilities are provided with the support of Socialware’s new partner Brandle, a provider of social media security and brand protection solutions for large enterprises. Brandle’s brand protection capabilities further enhance the existing Socialware social media risk management platform.