Socialware, a provider of social media risk management solutions for the enterprise, now makes it easy for third parties and partners to offer security, compliance, and brand protection solutions using key capabilities from the Socialware platform.

As the number of niche solutions, networks and apps for social media engagement continues to grow, seamlessly integrated risk management and compliance capabilities are now a standard requirement for most organizations in any industry. Through Socialware’s APIs, vendors can now integrate proven governance, risk management and compliance safeguards into their existing platforms.

Social media has become an important element of daily operations across all parts of the business, from customer care to sales. Enterprises are seeking efficient ways to allow employees to take advantage of the marketing, communication and sales power of social while at the same time managing risk to the firm.

“Social media is a technology platform that was designed for the individual user, not organizations, but firms need a way to manage social as an enterprise application to avoid security, brand and compliance risks,” said Ken Naumann, CEO of Socialware.

“There are many scenarios where our social media risk management solutions have been applicable, but until now the broader enterprise market has been underserved,” Naumann said. “Customers expect tighter, more compatible integrations and comprehensive, prescriptive answers to social media management issues from the experts, not multiple vendors and point technologies. We’re opening our platform to provide compliance and risk management ‘on demand.’”

Socialware’s APIs are a gateway for third parties and partners to apply moderation, monitoring, pre-review, archiving, compliant content libraries, brand protection and other Socialware social media risk management capabilities to their apps and tools.