Socialware, a provider of social media risk management solutions for the enterprise, has announced the availability of its Social Access Control solution. Complementing Socialware’s existing solutions for regulated users in financial services, Social Access Control gives firms in any industry the ability to place controls around which social network features any individual or group of employees can use.

As social adoption has accelerated, the urgent need has emerged for firms to manage social media use for all employees, not just regulated ones, in a way that is easy to deploy and configure and does not negatively impact the user experience. Non-regulated employees don’t need the rigor of most compliance solutions, like archiving and moderation, but they do need to feel empowered, trusted, confident and safe using social media at work. At the same time, chief risk officers and chief information officers need the peace of mind that the risk of employee social media use is being actively managed.

With Socialware’s Social Access Control solution, risk professionals can implement and configure a comprehensive set of access controls that allow them to enable or disable specific features on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Firms also can create groups of users, allowing for different tiers of access to social sites and features depending on role or level of responsibility.

Employees benefit from the native social experiences they are accustomed to, but with “guardrails” to keep them out of trouble. This gives them the confidence to use social media to its full potential. The Social Access Control solution is easy to implement and scale to thousands of employees since there is no cumbersome on-boarding, training or authentication process required.

“Social media offers incredible potential for firms to amplify their brand and serve customers, but there’s always the risk of negatively impacting your brand with a single bad tweet or inappropriate joke,” said Bruce Milne, executive vice president of Socialware. “We’ve been solving this problem for financial services firms for a long time. This new solution is a version of our Social Media Risk Management capabilities optimized for use by every employee in any business that values its brand.”