Case Studies

Compliance Week case studies offer an in-depth look at some of the biggest corporate scandals in recent memory and provide practical takeaways for practitioners to benchmark their programs. These reports include exclusive interviews, documents, graphics, videos, and interactive elements. Case studies are authored by CW Data & Research Journalist Aly McDevitt and are available only to Compliance Week members.

Ransomware case study

  • CW case study offers 360-degree view of ransomware attack

  • Chapter 1, Part 1: Betsy’s human error triggers ransomware crisis

  • Chapter 1, Part 2: All hands on deck in C-suite ransomware response

  • Chapter 2, Part 1: Containment key to ransomware defense

  • Chapter 2, Part 2: Ransomware damage control and when to alert stakeholders

  • Chapter 3: Ransomware eradication prompts tough choice: To pay or not to pay?

  • Chapter 4: Recovery and lessons learned post-ransomware attack

  • Epilogue: What happened to Betsy?

Volkswagen Case Study

  • CW presents: ‘Coming Clean: Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal and compliance monitorship’

  • Chapter 1: Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal exposed; enter Larry Thompson

  • Chapter 2: Volkswagen monitorship falls in line under Hiltrud Werner

  • Chapter 3: VW operationalizes its Dieselgate monitorship

  • Chapter 4: Tangible measures of cultural progress at Volkswagen

  • Chapter 5: Volkswagen’s path to winning back trust

Carnival Case Study

  • Compliance Week presents: ‘A Tale of Two Storms’

  • Chapter 1: Amid compliance overhaul, COVID-19 hits hard

  • Chapter 2: Carnival put to the test as early COVID-19 hotspot

  • Chapter 3: Carnival’s history as serial polluter catches up to it

  • Chapter 4: Carnival moves ethics and compliance to the fore

  • Chapter 5: The storms merge

  • Chapter 6: Carnival looks toward a new horizon