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    New foundation to protect sports whistleblowers


    A venture capitalist, a former United States federal prosecutor, and an Olympic gold medalist have formed a non-profit foundation, Fair Sport, to help mitigate risk for whistleblowers in the wide, wide world of sports.

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    Conflicts of Interest in Track & Field: Perception or Reality?


    Image: FIFA and NFL football are not the only sports mired in ethical controversy any more; now track and field has entered the race. The latest scandals include allegations of rampant doping among Russian athletes, and a clear conflict of interest from the new director of the sport’s oversight body. ...

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    Do You Have a Windows 95 FCPA Compliance Program?


    I find the world of sports to be a rich source of tutorials on things not to do for the FCPA compliance practitioner; from suspending Tom Brady for events which happened after DeflateGate, to the St. Louis Cardinals hacking the Houston Astros (of all teams) to steal secrets around player ...