Stanford Law School announced earlier this month that it has teamed up with law firm Sullivan & Cromwell to launch the new Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Clearinghouse. The FCPA Clearinghouse is a free, public resource that provides a comprehensive, searchable, and very useful database of enforcement actions and information related to the FCPA.


The FCPA Clearinghouse offers access to original documents, relevant laws and precedent, and articles about FCPA compliance and enforcement. Stanford Law School Professor Joseph A. Grundfest, who is the "principal investigator" for the FCPA Clearinghouse, stated that it will greatly benefit users such as companies facing FCPA exposure, policymakers, and enforcement agencies.


The key features of the FCPA Clearinghouse include:

A database that currently includes information on 435 FCPA enforcement actions brought by the SEC and DOJ. Here is the link to the most recent case in the database--the February 18, 2106 case brought by the SEC against VimpelCom Ltd. That link includes a wealth of information on the case, the allegations, the parties, links to key documents such as the complaint, and more.

a "Resources" section with links to key laws, legislative history, FCPA guidance, FCPA-related websites, blogs and conferences, and so on.

a "Statistics and Analytics" page with a wide variety of empirical analyses of FCPA enforcement actions and trends, heat maps, geographical data, etc.; and

advanced search capabilities for the FCPA enforcement actions database.

The FCPA Clearinghouse joins other securities-related databases created by Stanford Law, including the indispensable Securities Class Action Clearinghouse and the more recent Stanford Securities Litigation Analytics project.