SteelEye, a compliance technology and data analytics firm, recently announced the launch of its innovative data platform, designed to help financial firms meet their obligations under MiFID II for record-keeping, trade reconstruction, best execution, and transaction reporting in a single platform.

SteelEye brings together order and trade data, electronic and voice communications, market data, reference data and counterparty information. The insights gained from bringing this data together helps firms to trade with greater efficiency, profitability, and control. At the same time, the open API framework allows clients to harness the power of their data in whatever manner that best suits their business needs.

The SteelEye platform also makes it possible for firms to manage and analyse unstructured, ‘dark’ data, or documents and attachments. This gives a whole new dimension to uncovering both wanted and unwanted behaviours and information.

As well as permitting clients to store their data in the geography of their choosing, SteelEye incorporates the most robust security provisions, ensuring client data is securely protected in a tamper-proof environment, designed so that only clients are able to access their own data. Security features include multi-factor authentication and the latest encryption techniques, combined with the SteelEye data-level access control framework.

Throughout its early adoption program, SteelEye raised significant capital, signed up its first clients, developed key partnerships, and began its international expansion. Earlier this year, SteelEye partnered with the London Stock Exchange’s UnaVista Partner Programme to provide firms with an integrated, end-to-end technology-based solution that would help them meet their transaction reporting obligations. SteelEye has also established a presence in Switzerland, opening offices in Zurich and Geneva.