STOPit announces the launch of STOPit PRO, a compliance reporting platform that enables companies to mitigate risk and prevent financial liabilities by empowering employees to anonymously report fraud, unethical behaviors, and product related issues. 

As a 21st Century solution for deterring, mitigating and investigating all forms of inappropriate conduct in the workplace, STOPit PRO provides uniquely anonymous two-way dialogue between the employee and company officials, including risk managers, general counsels, and HR departments.

Employees can use the STOPit PRO mobile app to provide real-time reports and messages, including incident-related photo and video documentation. Employers can then follow up for additional information through the app, with all interactions remaining anonymous.

STOPit PRO helps to increase the efficiency of the investigatory process while ensuring companies are prepared for any potential litigation. The introduction of STOPit PRO also demonstrates to regulators that a company is committed to stopping any malfeasance at the earliest possible moment by encouraging whistleblowers to report potentially damaging conduct without fear of retaliation.