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    Implementing the FRC’s ‘Guidance on the Strategic Report’


    The Financial Reporting Council has published revised guidance addressing strategic reports, aiming to help organizations make such reports more informative and relevant to stakeholders.

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    Financial reporting has room for improvement, says KPMG


    A recent KPMG report underscores some pretty widespread deficiencies when it comes to business reporting. Whether companies are failing to note the impact of new products or how much injury time they have suffered, most can stand to improve the state of their annual reports. Paul Hodgson has more survey ...

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    FRC: What investors should expect in company records


    Stephen Haddrill, chief executive of the U.K.’s Financial Reporting Council, wrote a letter to investors highlighting recent changes to companies’ annual reports and advising investors on what to expect in the coming crop. The report is “intended to be an important source of forward-looking information about strategy and risk,” he ...