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    e-Book: Thwarting risk in your company's Supply Chain

    2019-12-16T05:22:00Z Provided by

    This e-Book explores the need for effective risk management in the company supply chain.

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    A wake-up call in cyber supply-chain risk


    Recent reports of a massive cyber-supply chain attack by Chinese spies on several U.S. companies’ servers have companies stressing about their own supply chain vulnerabilities.

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    The supply chain risks-rewards of 3D printing


    What was once science fiction is fast becoming practical risk management, especially when it comes to 3D printing. Supply chain leaders should keep pace with technology.

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    How DICK’s Sporting Goods manages responsible sourcing


    A successful sourcing program is about more than conducting audits and taking corrective action. It’s about executing an enterprise-wide risk strategy.

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    3M’s John Ostergren on supply chain, third-party risk management


    Smart companies understand which risks to take on in the interest of growth and which ones must be shunned, says John Ostergren, director of environment, health and safety at 3M.

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    Third-Party Risk Management Summit takes a deep dive


    Get a recap of the Third-Party Risk Management and Oversight Summit, hosted by Financial Risk Associates and Compliance Week, which took an in-depth look at what companies are doing to manage third-party risks both on the sales and supply chain sides.

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    OECD releases guidance to ensure responsible business conduct in garment industry


    Neil Hodge offers a look at guidance from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development meant to help businesses in the garment industry identify and mitigate risk in their supply chains.

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    New report offers risk profile of ‘supplier employees’


    Companies that provide goods and services to a larger company have got some specific ethics challenges of their own, Jaclyn Jaeger writes.

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    Building a resilient global supply chain


    Global supply chain risk has climbed to record levels. Jaclyn Jaeger reports on how one global company is working to bullet-proof its supply chain risk management program.

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    Brexit uncertainty forcing review of supply chains


    Jaclyn Jaeger looks at the results of a recent survey from the Institute of Supply Chain Management to answer whether supply chain executives fear Brexit will have a negative financial effect on their companies.

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    Free trade agreements create compliance headaches


    Free trade agreements potentially offer significant cost savings to companies, but managed ineffectively they also pose huge compliance risk. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

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    Compliance Map tracks country of origin in complex supply chains


    The Compliance Map, a developer of environmental compliance software and supply chain solutions, has launched the Compliance Map Origin Determination Module, designed to simplify origin tracking within a complex manufacturing supply chain.

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    Beyond complying with the Modern Slavery Act


    Companies troubling over how to report due diligence procedures on eliminating human trafficking under the U.K. Modern Slavery Act have been given some help. A new guide from U.K.-based civil society organizations advises companies on how to embed such procedures into their reports. Although the reports are certainly important, says ...

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    Mitigating third-party risks


    Most companies by now understand the escalating risks that third parties pose to their business and are ramping up their third-party risk management efforts accordingly. Even still, many struggle with how to achieve full transparency into the breadth and depth of their third parties, exposing themselves to significant legal and ...

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    Defense Dept. Steps Up Standards on IT Supply Chain Risk


    Image: The Defense Department is taking a harder look at supply chain risks posed by government contractors who provide IT products and services, so compliance officers at those businesses should prepare to review how supply chain risks might affect eligibility to bid on future contracts. “This fits into the government’s ...

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    New U.K. Law Turns Up Heat on Human Trafficking Transparency


    Image: Companies doing business in the United Kingdom, take note: a new law in the country establishes new disclosure obligations about what you’re doing to tackle slavery and human trafficking in your operations, as well your supply chain. “Companies should start preparing to ensure compliance with the legislation as soon ...

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    Supply Chain Risk Continues to Challenge Companies


    Rare is the business these days that can afford to be cavalier about the regulatory scrutiny on its supply chain. So why do so many still struggle so much to gain visibility and control over vendors and suppliers? A lack of sophistication in monitoring third parties (never mind fourth parties ...

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    Eliminating Cyber-Threats From the IT Supply Chain


    Image: The longer a global supply chain grows, the less assurance corporations have in the integrity and security of their products and operations. Now NIST is trying to pierce that fog with new guidance, and compliance officers in the private sector might want to take notice. “Cyber-supply chain risk management ...

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    You Are the Weakest Link


    We talk a lot today about the growing complexity of supply chains in the global economy. With an almost uncountable number of parties (or links if you will) in many undefined and ill-managed supply chain relationships, the chance of significant or fatal weakness seems immeasurable. The complexity presented by ...