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    Survey: CCO liability fears persist


    Although corporate compliance officers are receiving greater support for their programs, concerns about personal liability increased over the past year, according to a new survey conducted by DLA Piper.

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    How do your risk oversight processes stack up?


    A pair of recently published reports draw a straight line between strong enterprise-wide risk management and strategic execution.

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    More ABC Angst in Latest Compliance Survey


    Image: Fresh news from the world of surveys: Corruption risks have risen sharply in the last few years, and while compliance officers agree that an anti-corruption risk assessment is critical, many still struggle to perform that task well. So says the latest anti-bribery & corruption survey from KPMG. More findings ...

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    Centralized Payroll Management: From Myth to Reality


    Payroll processing is one of the most essential functions of a company, and yet if you ask any multinational how closely it is aligned with its payroll providers—across each and every jurisdiction where the company operates—you’ll probably be met with the sound of crickets.Traditionally, many companies have relied on an ...