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    White paper: AI-enabled real-time T&E audit analytics to drive compliance and reduce spends

    2020-09-04T08:42:00Z Provided by

    Your company may be spending less on travel and entertainment expenses, but the risk of fraud and regulatory non-compliance is spiking. Without proper safeguards in place to manage T&E spend – a major operating expense – companies face costly consequences.

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    CPE Webcast: Fraud and bribery risks: Preparing for a COVID-19 spike

    2020-06-16T11:00:00Z Provided by

    As businesses and employees work to re-establish stability and reset targets following the disruption caused by coronavirus, they will be more vulnerable to fraud, corruption, and regulatory violations.

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    Shake-up in T&E Providers Leads Companies to New Solutions


    Image: Big changes for expense management system providers, such as the acquisition of Concur Technologies by SAP and the earlier IBM move of cutting its Global Expense Reporting Solutions as a standalone product, has led to more business for up-and-comers like Chrome River. Chrome cofounder Alan Rich says, “The companies ...

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    Auditing T&E Programs: Where to Find the Fraud


    In his August 2008 column, Dan Swanson wrote about returning to internal auditing roots by looking at specific departments (finance, human resources, and so forth) rather than auditing’s flavor of the month—such as enterprise risk management, information security, and fraud control. Here I suggest internal audit units go further by ...