Tanium, an endpoint security and systems management provider, recently launched its latest Tanium product module, Tanium Comply, intended to transform the lengthy and unreliable work of validating endpoint security configuration into an activity that can be done accurately in minutes, no matter how many endpoints a firm has.

For chief information officers, ensuring that their companies comply with the endpoint security configuration requirements of various industry and federal regulations is a tedious process. Furthermore, the amount of sensitive data kept on data centers, not to mention the number of endpoints within an organization, has grown exponentially over the past decade, while security configuration management and other security hygiene tools have not kept pace with the scale of modern networks, Tanium says.

Using Tanium’s patented architecture, Comply can run and retrieve configuration benchmark results across an entire enterprise—hundreds of thousands of endpoints—quickly, without saturating the network or requiring additional hardware. For example, any company that handles credit cards must meet the security standards laid out in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Section 2.1, which requires that you “change all vendor-supplied defaults.”

Using Comply, an organization can search and highlight all endpoints within seconds that are not meeting these standards, which typcially is performed manually, requiring days to complete by a full-time team. Schedule a demo to see Tanium Comply in action.