Tata Global Beverages has appointed Mark Boyland as assistant general counsel for its Canada, Americas and Australia (CAA) region and head of anti-bribery and corruption compliance for Tata Global Beverages.  

Boyland, formerly a Department of Justice federal prosecutor and vice president of legal, risk, and regulatory compliance for Benjamin Moore & Co, has extensive experience implementing risk and compliance initiatives for global companies and leading domestic and international investigations.

His appointment will further strengthen Tata Global Beverages' focus on compliance, including antitrust/competition and anti-bribery/corruption. He will enhance and oversee the company's compliance program in these areas, and review and evaluate compliance issues within the organization relating to the extraterritorial application of federal laws and regulatory guidance.

Boyland's role will also include ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations of United States and other regulatory agencies, ensuring that company policies and procedures are being followed in relevant areas and that behavior in the company meets the Tata Code of Conduct. In doing so, he will work closely with colleagues in internal audit and legal and HR, who will continue to help drive compliance in these areas.