The future of internal controls is here and is evolving every day. Companies, audit firms, and regulators often bring different and opposing perspectives regarding the level of assessments and testing necessary to mitigate and address internal control failures, such as misstatement risk. As auditors and regulators increasingly require more information and companies push back against what they feel are excessive demands, a consensus that works for everybody remains elusive.

In this e-book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with ACL, we will explore all sides of this ongoing debate. We’ll take a look at what new audit demands companies are facing today, what challenges this is creating, and how regulators are responding.

This e-book also will explore other emerging developments in internal controls, such as COSO’s Fraud Risk Management Guide, the case for why audit committees and compliance officers would be wise to consider it, and the inefficiencies they may be losing out on if they don’t. Lastly, this e-book explores three key ideas for merging cyber-security into today’s compliance and audit programs. The insight in this e-Book is one that internal auditors and compliance officers cannot do without.