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    In tech sectors, revenue recognition talks are intense


    In preparing to adopt the new revenue recognition standard, experts debate how to apply the rules to complex contracts. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    Revised Ofcom Guidelines Could Mean Higher Penalties


    Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the U.K. communications industry, this month published updated penalty guidelines, which were last revised in 2011. The new guidelines give Ofcom greater flexibility to impose higher penalties for non-compliance. “Companies should therefore take immediate steps to assess and reduce such potential exposure ...

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    Transparency Gaps in the Telecom Sector


    Many telecom companies perform reasonably well when disclosing their anti-corruption practices, but less so concerning their organizational structures and country-by-country operations. With the potential for corruption fueled by relaxed rules and regulations, large licensing fees, major equipment contracts, the sale of state operators, and increased M&A activity, telecom companies need ...