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  • Michaela Ahlberg

    Michaela Ahlberg: Building a compliance program amid an FCPA probe


    Michaela Ahlberg created a compliance program from scratch when she was hired by Swedish telecom Telia following allegations of corruption in its foreign business dealings. She shared what she learned with the audience at CW’s Financial Crimes virtual event.

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    Lessons from the Telia FCPA resolution


    The largest FCPA resolution on record (so far), at nearly $1 billion, offers plenty of objective lessons for compliance practitioners looking to better understand enforcement trends.

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    Memo to Telia, Deutsche Bank: Do not negotiate with the DOJ in public


    While Telia Co. and Deutsche Bank are looking to publicly war with the Justice Department over upcoming penalties, they should be learning by Avon Product’s example, says Tom Fox—the firm initially suggested a $12M fine and ended up paying a cool $135M.

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    Telia faces $1.4 billion fine for corruption in Uzbekistan


    U.S. and Dutch authorities have proposed a $1.4 billion settlement with Swedish telecom firm Telia to resolve corruption violations relating to its transactions in Uzbekistan, making it possibly one of the largest Foreign Corrupt Practices Act fines to date. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.