Telos, a provider of continuous security solutions and services, has added enhancements to its Xacta IT GRC product suite to help customers quickly and effectively demonstrate and document security compliance using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, leading to faster approvals to operate (ATO). 

With these enhancements to Xacta, each program or project automatically inherits security controls from the AWS Enterprise Accelerator for Compliance, a security-focused, standardized architecture solution to help Managed Service Providers (MSPs), cloud provisioning teams, developers, integrators, and information security teams adhere to strict security, compliance and risk management controls. This inheritance represents a substantial reduction of time required for controls configuration.

Xacta, featuring AWS Enterprise Accelerator for Compliance, allows organizations to seamlessly automate compliance as they stand up their data, information and applications in the cloud.  The solution allows users to select which regulations apply to their organization, generate and auto-populate a compliance package specific to their cloud environment and complete the process via a friendly wizard-based application.

The AWS Enterprise Accelerator for Compliance is a packaged service offering that helps customers adhere to strict controls for security, compliance and risk management. Xacta can automate the inheritance of these controls, simplifying compliance testing and verification of other controls specific to the customer’s IT environment. 

Xacta leverages the AWS Shared Responsibility Model for faster cloud compliance and deployment. While AWS manages security of the cloud, security in the cloud is the responsibility of the AWS customer. Xacta also simplifies the adoption and automation of the remaining controls, radically reducing the time and effort needed to achieve compliance in the cloud.