Telos, a provider of continuous security solutions and services, announced the integration of the premier mapping capabilities of Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) into Xacta, its IT governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC) platform.

As regulations are constantly shifting, organizations need to be fast and agile in responding to changing risks, regulations, laws and situations. Xacta provides an efficient approach to automating compliance, and UCF provides a common language for discussing security compliance in business terms. UCF’s Common Controls Hub is connected to original mandates, enabling organizations to easily understand what specific steps must be met in order to meet regulations.

The UCF information architecture is based on the examination, mining and mapping of more than 800 authority documents, which define external standards, frameworks or regulations, resulting in usable governance materials. The ability to integrate all of UCF’s authority documents, understand each specific control and harmonize the controls seamlessly into the Xacta IT GRC platform eliminates the need to manage compliance requirements manually or through ad hoc processes.