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    Shop Talk: Managing Vendor Risk


    Pop quiz: Try to name a recent example of corporate misconduct that did not somehow include a company’s vendors or third parties. It’s not easy, and third parties are now a huge part of the compliance officer’s responsibility. In our latest Compliance Week executive forum, we gathered a dozen CCOs ...

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    Mapping Third-Party Risks


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    You Are the Weakest Link


    We talk a lot today about the growing complexity of supply chains in the global economy.With an almost uncountable number of parties (or links if you will) in many undefined and ill-managed supply chain relationships, the chance of significant or fatal weakness seems immeasurable. The complexity presented by the ...

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    Breaking Up Is Hard to Do


    Paul Anka crooned, “Breaking up is hard to do” as he begged his love not to leave him in one of his most famous songs, but alas, we all know that relationships often come to an end.By contrast, management guru Peter Drucker cautioned “begin with the end in mind,” and ...