Today's global organizations are turning to third parties at greater frequency for assistance with important technology, business processes, etc. However, increased reliance on outsource service providers (OSPs) has the potential to expose organizations to risks that can be challenging to identify, manage, and monitor. Little wonder there has been a substantial uptick in demand for third-party assurance (TPA) reports, including Agreed-Upon Procedures (AUP) reports, Attestation (AT) 101, Service Organization Control (SOC) 1, SOC 2, and even enhanced SOC 2+ reports that provide assurance on various industry and regulatory frameworks.

As demand increases, how can OSPs implement a more streamlined approach for dealing with both customer and regulatory requirements? Becoming more proficient at TPA reporting can free OSPs up to focus on more value-added activities, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction due to improvements in risk mitigation and performance attribution and timely response.

Get a better understanding of how optimizing TPA reporting can move an OSP from merely protecting value to actually creating it. Highlights include:

Creating an inventory of enterprise-wide controls

Mapping controls to requirements, and testing for multiple requirements

Educating your team on TPA proficiency and compliance trends

Leading practices to create an efficient controls environment

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