The need for agility and alignment between compliance, operations and strategy, along with continued refinement of regulatory requirements and expectations, reinforce the need for organizations to continuously improve their compliance activities. By identifying and responding to shifts and trends in compliance early, compliance, business, risk, legal, technology, and internal audit partners can better position their organization to move beyond compliance. In the future, integration and automation of compliance activities is an imperative. To prepare for tomorrow, organizations must invest today.

  1. Investment in the following five areas can help you to better position your organization for the future:
  2. Integration of compliance into operational processes to achieve greater coordination and consistency
  3. Automation of compliance activities to support regulatory change management, investigations, reporting, testing and monitoring, and risk assessments
  4. Accountability of employees, contractors, and third parties to the organization’s standards for compliance
  5. Risk assessments, which need to further inform compliance enhancements and priorities
  6. Continuous improvement of compliance efforts based upon root cause analysis and regular compliance monitoring

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