Faced with the security concerns of the financial services industry, global expansion can be difficult. IT systems and security tactics that work for a local firm become insufficient as a company expands into new markets. This was the problem facing QIC as it grew into new regions like the US.

File sharing was at the core of this transition. Many of QIC’s employees work flexibly and travel frequently, meeting with clients, potential investors and third parties. An increasingly mobile workforce and greater client and stakeholder engagement often requires close collaboration between multiple individuals, and the frequent exchange of files, some of which contain highlysensitive information.

The breadth and scope of this collaboration meant that highly-sensitive data might potentially be shared through insecure channels. QIC sought to address this issue whilst also providing its employees with a better, more secure means of collaboration. In so doing, it sought a solution that worked seamlessly with existing cloud investments like Office 365, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Enter BlackBerry Workspaces.

QIC routinely works with highly sensitive data, and keeping this data secure is critical. An expanding global presence represented a significant challenge for the organization in this regard – a challenge it met through BlackBerry Workspaces.