1 in 3 employees are unable to identify data privacy best practices. People are the weakest link in cybersecurity, and while more training won’t necessarily reduce your cyber risk, the right training can help you to identify and address your people risk.

True Office’s Cybersecurity Competency Toolkit is one-stop-solution to help organizations diagnose employee understanding of their role in cybersecurity and train on the necessary topics to ensure compliance with policies and regulations.

This solution also arms both compliance and information security leaders with a rich output of analytics that allows for informed, data driven threat analysis and conversations with the board, C-Suite, and employees.

The Cybersecurity Competency Toolkit includes:

  • A Gamified Diagnostic, Pulse Check
  • Awareness tools, like RealBiz Shorts and posters
  • Adaptive Training via the Pulse Modular Cybersecurity courses
  • Market-leading Pulse Analytics to measure performance and knowledge gaps

See the latest benchmarks in our Cybersecurity Pulse Check Cross-Industry Performance Report. True Office is ready to help your organization move learning forward. Learn how.