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The concept of risk management—what it is and consists of—is something that is often misunderstood or misinterpreted. A big challenge many companies face is evolving the management of their risk and dealing with it properly as it changes. While risk itself is a recurring instance for most companies, the problem is not just dealing with different risks, but having a universal definition of what they are and also specifically having a risk identification plan.

This white paper, produced by Onspring, takes a fresh look at the evolving changes occurring in risk management and how companies can maintain and evolve their risk management approach. Knowing what constitutes risk for a company leads in turn to maintaining and dealing with the risk in a proper way—setting up a plan and having an approach to handle risk. There are a lot of different methods to take and choose from, but the most important aspect is making sure the plan is suited to a company’s needs—everyone differs in how they manage risk. The Right Moves sets the stage for an evolving risk management approach.