What are third party risk management salaries, budgets, challenges and opportunities?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in Third Party Risk: A Journey to Maturity, Results of the 2018 ‘Taking the Pulse of Third Party Risk Management’ Survey.

This global survey conducted by Aravo Solutions, together with CeFPro, The Center for Financial Professionals, was designed to help organizations benchmark some of the key areas of their Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) programs. The 36-page report covers a broad range of results across topics including:

  • Levels of program maturity
  • Whether third party risk programs have the appropriate funding for people, tools and innovation.
  • What is the typical organizational structure?
  • How are third party risk professionals remunerated?
  • What risk types are being managed?
  • What are the greatest challenges and opportunities associated with third party risk management?

It reveals how organizations are approaching Inventory Management, Due Diligence, Concentration Risk, Fourth Party Risk, Cyber-Risk, Reporting and more.

Also Join Us for the Companion Survey Webinar where we will discuss the results of the survey in the context of regulatory expectations.