Today’s digital economy is built upon the premise or ability of any company to determine that the user/business entity with whom they are interacting is who they say they are.

For merchants and financial institutions who operate online, the more that is known about the user behind a transaction, the easier it is to assess the risk of that transaction. IdentityMind utilizes Trusted Digital Identities to help these merchants and financial institutions prevent fraud, comply with regulatory requirements, and detect suspicious activity related to Anti Money Laundering, in real-time.

Read this white paper to learn more about why it is crucial to develop digital identities which look at more than static data, and how introducing digital attributes such as online behavior and transactional history creates a much more robust system where trusted identities and suspicious identities evolve differently, making it easier to tell them apart.

See how Trusted Digital Identities can help your business achieve:

  • 60% Reduction of Transactional Fraud
  • 85% Reduction of Manual Review Time
  • 90% Reduction of Onboarding Fraud
  • 50% Reduction of False Positives in Sanctions Screening