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In the last five years, FINRA, the primary self-regulatory organization for broker-dealers, has focused on prioritizing designated third-party compliance. To help you meet this requirement, Globanet offers its Designated Third Party (D3P) Compliance service at a fraction of the cost consisting of the following:

  • Letter of Intent to regulators for each system informing them that you contracted a Designated Third-Party Provider
  • System Configuration Plan (SCP) explaining access to records
  • Two D3P Status Reviews each year to validate D3P accountability
  • Annual test and test report to show compliance
  • Letter of Undertaking for filing with SEC and Self-Regulating Organizations
  • Up to 2 days for an SEC auditor at D3P facility

Trusted by the nation’s top bank holding companies, when called upon by a regulator, Globanet will provide evidence of the request to our client and arrange for either recorded virtual or on-premise access to assist in the production of the requested records.