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The Board of Directors needs an answer before the current reporting period ends. Furtive harassment needs to be uncovered and countermanded immediately. A regulatory agency needs immediate assurance that internal procedures will suffice, otherwise a compliance investigation will be initiated. The CEO needs to know whether terms of the M&A deal should be revised in the limited window of time.

Every investigation brings with it a sense of urgency.

When hit with any unexpected information request, with little time to react, organizations need to quickly size up the task and learn the facts. Yet modern investigations– that is, interrogating a large collection of electronic documents to quickly answer the key questions and locate the critical evidence—are intensely demanding, with added complexities brought on by the proliferation of an increasingly remote workforce and devices.

Learn key considerations to designing and implementing an effective ESI investigation that will quickly lead to the critical evidence:

  • How to make data promptly accessible for review
  • Focused review techniques to locate the pertinent data quickly
  • Effectively exploring the unknown “unknowns”
  • How to prove a negative, thoroughly demonstrating that there is no evidence to support the allegation