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  • Goldman Sachs

    Goldman board demands accountability with widespread 1MDB clawbacks


    The board of directors at Goldman Sachs Group will attempt to claw back approximately $174 million from a dozen current and former executives—one of the largest clawback attempts ever—in the aftermath of the 1MDB scandal.

  • Goldman Sachs Tower

    SEC bars former Goldman Sachs director over 1MDB scandal


    Former Goldman Sachs Group executive Tim Leissner has settled charges brought by the SEC for alleged violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. His settlement includes a permanent bar from the securities industry.

  • Blog

    Goldman Sachs offers details of 1MDB probe


    Goldman Sachs disclosed has received subpoenas and requests for documents and information from various governmental and regulatory bodies and self-regulatory organizations as part of investigations and reviews relating to financing transactions and other matters involving 1MDB, Malaysian government’s sovereign wealth fund.