Executive Compensation

Investors don’t mind non-GAAP in CD&A; they want clarity


Lack of clarity in how companies use non-GAAP measures to calculate executive compensation prompted investors to petition the SEC for change.


Options drive more risk than stock, study says


Company executives may be more likely to take on risk when their compensation is based more on stock options than stock awards, a new study says.


Hertz sues former executives to recoup compensation


Car rental company Hertz is suing former executives to recoup losses related to its 2015 restatement to correct aggressive accounting.


Bipartisan effort would double SEC statute of limitations for fraud


Senators Mark Warner (D-Va.) and John Kennedy (R-La.) have introduced the Securities Fraud Enforcement and Investor Compensation Act—the bipartisan legislation that would extend the window of time the SEC can pursue post-fraud claims for investors from five years to 10.


U.K. gender pay gap reports rife with defects


A new report from U.K. organization says that compliance with gender pay regulations and guidance is still very weak.


1MDB scandal could result in pay cut for Goldman Sachs’ executives


Goldman Sachs disclosed in a recent quarterly filing that 2018 equity-based pay awards could be subject to clawbacks depending on the results of governmental and regulatory investigations relating to 1MDB.


Bezos fallout: Disclosure and divorce


When a CEO is in the midst of a divorce, as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is, does that personal matter rise to the level of shareholder materiality? There are no easy answers, only slippery slopes.


How a bad economy might impact compliance


In the “Ask Amii” monthly mailbag, executive coach and former Chief Compliance Officer Amii Barnard-Bahn checks in on how compliance would fare if the economy goes south, lessons from Facebook’s tough year, and more.


Former, current KPMG women seek class status in lawsuit


More than 1,100 women who are current and former KPMG professionals are seeking class status for their various allegations of gender discrimination.