Trimble Navigation, a maker of GPS and survey equipment, has selected MetricStream SOX Compliance Management App to strengthen internal controls, as well as ensure compliance with all SOX compliance requirements. It also has selected its Conflict Minerals Management App to streamline their conflict minerals program and reporting requirements.

The MetricStream SOX Compliance Management App has been designed to help organizations achieve consistent and effective internal control processes across the enterprise, thereby eliminating deviations, errors, and redundancies. The App helps streamline the end-to-end process, including identifying and documenting controls, performing test surveys and certi?cations, capturing and remediating control deficiencies and monitoring the operational effectiveness and overall compliance process.

The MetricStream Conflict Minerals Management App helps organizations strengthen the efficiency of their conflict minerals programs by simplifying end-to-end processes. The App provides a robust and structured approach to conflict minerals reporting requirements, from conducting reasonable country of origin surveys, triggering supplier notifications, ensuring due diligence, determining status by collating and validating responses with real-time program tracking, and reporting.

The Apps, when used together and collaboratively across different teams in the organization, provide greater risk and compliance awareness and visibility across management and key stakeholders.