Speaking at the “Women of America” panel on Jan. 16 at the White House, President Trump once again signaled the need for even more bank deregulation.

In particular, he said, rules impeding the ability of financial institutions to make loans should be repealed.

“We’re looking now at Dodd-Frank because we have to free up so the banks can loan money to great people, because the banks haven’t been able to do that,” he told the panel. “They were restricted. A person came up to me at a recent stop and said, ;You know, all my life I did business with a certain bank. And now, all of a sudden, they can’t do business with me. I’ve always paid my debts. I’ve always paid my loans. The bank loves me, but they’re prohibited from doing.’ Now they’re going to be able to do business with that person again.”

Trump credited deregulatory efforts, in part, for the estimated 48,000 jobs created during his administration.