Data privacy management company TrustArc announced the addition of Intelligence Engine to its privacy platform. The automated program is designed to enable organizations to save up to 75 percent of the time it takes to identify, analyze, and prioritize privacy risks.

Intelligence Engine automates privacy risk analysis across projects. The new repeatable and objective methodology is based on TrustArc insights and deep experience gained from extensive privacy risk analyses conducted across thousands of assessments globally.

While many companies implemented new processes and tools to meet compliance requirements leading up to the GDPR deadline on May 25, the effort required to maintain ongoing compliance is complex and time-consuming. The TrustArc Intelligence Engine seamlessly integrates with other enhancements to the TrustArc privacy platform, including new intelligent assessments and comprehensive reporting.

TrustArc Intelligence Engine runs continuously to automatically review and analyze a company’s data flows recorded in the TrustArc Platform, using a proprietary algorithm to identify high-risk processing activities and determine the need to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). The DPIA is seamlessly triggered in the TrustArc Platform when high-risk processing is detected, and the process of completing the assessment and generating compliance reports is automated.