Data-privacy management company TrustArc has expanded its offerings to include the new Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Privacy Recognition for Processors Certification. As the only approved U.S. provider, TrustArc, via its TRUSTe subsidiary, is the first company authorized as an Accountability Agent to offer the new certification, which enables companies who operate as data processors to demonstrate their high commitment to privacy and data protection standards recognized across the 21 member APEC economic region.

The APEC Privacy Framework, which includes both the new Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP) certification for data processors, and the Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) certification for data controllers, were developed by governments and regulators within APEC. Over the past year, more economies, including South Korea and Singapore, have announced participation in the system, making it easier for businesses to seamlessly move data across borders, while following recognized privacy principles and operating standards. TrustArc is the only authorized U.S. provider of these two international privacy certifications.

“Businesses who operate in Asia-Pacific and the Americas need a way to demonstrate compliance to customers and partners, and the APEC Privacy Framework provides a mechanism to do this,” said TrustArc CEO Chris Babel. “The new PRP certification, along with the existing CBPR certification, enables us to support the entire ecosystem of companies relying on the use of personal data to conduct business within the Asia-Pacific region.”

The certification is available now and is relevant for companies who offer a cloud or SaaS platform or other technology solutions for customers in Asia and across regions. The solution is managed by a team of privacy experts who use the TrustArc platform to help streamline the compliance review, gap identification, and remediation process.

The certification process varies by company size and business complexity, but can often be completed in 30 to 60 days. Businesses who successfully complete the certification are authorized to display the TRUSTe APEC PRP Privacy Seal. TrustArc also offers the APEC CBPR Privacy Certification, EU–U.S. / Swiss–U.S. Privacy Shield Verification and EU GDPR Validation solutions-enabling businesses to address privacy compliance and data protection requirements on a global basis.