Via this article in Bloomberg News, I was pleased to discover that former SEC enforcement attorney David Smyth, now a partner at North Carolina-based law firm Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP, has developed a creative cartoon series that helps explain securities enforcement related issues. His work is "The Insider Trading Cartoon Series," which is now a 10-part (and counting!) series of interesting lessons about the intricacies of insider trading law.

Back in 2012, I noted here that Smyth had published an interesting cartoon called "Whistleblower" in which robots discussed the whistleblower provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act. Check out "Whistleblower" -- which was cutting edge stuff back in 2012 -- and then watch Smyth's latest from The Insider Trading Cartoon Series to see how far Smyth's talents (and mass-market animation tools such as the GoAnimate program Smyth now uses) have advanced in just four years.

Smyth's latest cartoon, "The Insider Trading Cartoon Series, Vol. X -- Tipping (pre-Newman),"

has a solid discussion of insider trading law;

succeeds in being both amusing and interesting; and 

somehow finds a narrator cartoon character that looks a decent amount like Smyth himself!



Another episode has references to  "Andrew," "Mary Jo," and even "broken windows." Something for everyone!

Congrats to David on a very interesting and creative project that is starting gain a lot of attention. As noted in the Bloomberg article, the series is beginning to build a fan base of people in the industry, and has been used as a tool in compliance seminars. Great stuff!