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    Anything of value really means anything


    Tom Fox explores recent cases that fall under the FCPA “anything of value” standard, including JPMorgan Chase, Rolls-Royce, VimpelCom, and Qualcomm.

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    Did they get the memo?


    Tom Fox explores the case of Australian mining giant Rio Tinto, which recently terminated two top officials after an investigation into possible Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations.

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    Internationalization of football and anti-corruption enforcement


    Tom Fox explores the recent bid by a Chinese state-controlled investment fund to purchase the Liverpool Football Club and how it will be impacted by the U.K. Bribery Act.

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    More regulatory questions than answers following Brexit vote


    CW reporter Joe Mont explores the aftermath of the Brexit vote (the United Kingdom’s recent decision to depart from the European Union): what do U.S. companies need to know; what questions require a strategic response; and where do we all go from here?

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    New legal liabilities after Panama Papers?


    The Man From FCPA, Tom Fox, looks at the implications behind the United Kingdom’s new mandate that banks selling to offshore companies in “murky territories” will be held responsible if it facilitates tax evasion by wealthy individuals, and how that mandate relates to anti-corruption compliance.

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    Corruption can give you a very bad few days


    Title: Corruption can give you a very You know it is going to be a bad day when you see your company’s name splashed across a BBC investigative report into alleged payment of bribes to secure business contracts. However, your day can get considerably worse when US congressmen, call ...

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    €30 million for cup of tea? Good work if you can get it


    FCPA blogger Tom Fox looks at an unfolding scandal that involves a murdered Mongolian paramour, a contract for submarines, embattled Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razik, middleman Abdul Razak Baginda, and the most lucrative cup of tea in recent memory.