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  • Suspicious activity

    The importance of quality SARs


    Good suspicious activity reports make it easier for financial intelligence units to prioritize and process investigations, enabling better results in the global fight against financial crime.

  • Documents

    Should lawyers, accountants be filing more SARs?


    A study of suspicious activity reporting data in the United Kingdom suggests accountants, lawyers, estate agents, and other service-facing professionals could be doing more to contribute to the fight against financial crime.

  • NCAHeadquarters

    Suspecting illicit assets, British police freeze record $121M


    The U.K.’s National Crime Agency announced it has frozen eight bank accounts containing more than £100m (U.S. $121 million), which it suspects derived from bribery and corruption overseas. This represents the largest amount of money frozen to date.

  • Blog

    International partners join forces to tackle grand corruption


    A new multinational centre to coordinate law enforcement action against grand corruption was launched this month. The International Anti-Corruption Coordination Centre (IACCC), hosted by the U.K.’s National Crime Agency, brings together specialist law enforcement officers from multiple jurisdictions into a single location to tackle allegations of grand corruption.