Sweeping changes to the EU’s data protection laws means new compliance headaches for any U.S. company that collects and handles data on citizens of the European Union. For any U.S. company that collects and handles data on EU citizens, the time to review privacy policies, practices, and contracts with service providers and customers is now.

Produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, this eBook explores what compliance challenges the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation brings, and how to overcome the hurdles. Included in this eBook is a recent case study that clearly demonstrates how U.K. enforcement agencies are prepared to flex their enforcement muscles in this area, and the lessons the case imparts. It also discusses seven key questions chief information officers must consider to achieve GDPR compliance.

Finally, this eBook explores what the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the EU means for U.S. companies with a multinational presence.