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    Will VW impact international settlements for bribery and corruption?


    The Man From FCPA Tom Fox explores the fallout from VW’s emissions-testing scandal and how the company will make restitution going forward to its customers, dealers, and other stakeholders.

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    Potential VW criminal resolution—an early test for Yates Memo?


    A look at potential VW criminal resolutions brings up several questions, says Tom Fox, around  type of resolution; individual liability; and more. Will this test the DoJ’s Yates Memo?

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    What states’ suit against VW means for corporate officer liability


    New York, Maryland, and Massachusetts are claiming that top managers at VW were either specifically involved in the development and implementation of vehicle defeat devices, or knew of the issues that led to their creation. What does this mean for VW’s future—and, for that matter, what does it mean for ...

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    Of power and responsibility


    With great power comes great responsibility. The Norwegian Oil Fund already knows that, but it appears the company will give the entire world a responsiblity lesson as it takes more interest in the corporate governance policies of those firms in which it invests. The Man From FCPA Tom Fox has ...

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    Don’t put illegal conduct in power point slide presentations


    “Death by PowerPoint” is a typical description of really poor presentation technique, but it might just be a way to describe how some companies accidentally self-report their own corruption. Tom Fox has more.

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    Police Raid VW’s French HQ in Search of Critical Data


    According to the Telegraph, as part of an ongoing probe into a pollution-cheating scheme, police swept through Volkswagen’s main office in Villers-Cotterets in northern France and another office near Paris on Friday, seizing data devices, documents, and computer hardware. The automatker, which is facing large fines, legal costs,and class-action ...