In one of Cricket’s biggest scandals ever, the Australian national Cricket team, concocted a scheme to scruff the ball on piece of yellow tape in the pants pocket of the bowler, Cameron Bancroft. He was instructed to do so by (now former) team captain Steve Smith and (now former) vice-captain David Warner. All three have been thrown off the team. Now here is the best part, bowler Bancroft scruffed the ball on yellow tape on the pitch, not only in view of the entire playing field but all the fans in the stands. Better yet, he was caught on international television doing the deed.

The Aussies are in the midst of a Test Series against South African and were tied 1-1 and decided they need an edge against their pesky competitors. According to reports, the entire leadership team of the Australian national team decided to cheat by altering the equipment (stop me if you have heard this story before). In one of the most amazing admissions ever, team captain claimed in a press conference after the match, “that the team’s “leadership group” had convened during the lunch break on day three of the third Test to concoct a plan to tamper with the ball and encourage reverse swing—cheating, in simpler terms—left a cloud hanging over many in the Australian dressing room.”

What does it mean for the Australian national cricket team? Are they corrupt through and through? Did they simply find themselves in a tough match and decided they needed an edge? Was the pressure to win so great that it became winning at all costs? Does the entire national team, if not the entire country need to re-assess what it means to play by the rules, let alone is it cricket?