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    Compliance 2020: A timeline


    Compliance Week looks back at two decades of scandals, enforcement actions, and regulatory policies (2000-2019) that shaped the compliance function we see today.

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    Public sounds off to SEC on proposed whistleblower changes


    As part of a public comment process that reached its deadline on Sept. 15, the SEC has collected ideas and opinions on proposed changes to its whistleblower program. We took a look at some of the responses.

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    Former Tesla employee files whistleblower tip to SEC


    A former Tesla employee, currently being sued by the company for allegedly hacking into proprietary systems, has made a formal whistleblower report to the SEC. Among the issues that may arise in the Commission’s consideration of the case are matters related to potential retaliation and pretaliation.

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    SEC unveils ideas for updating whistleblower program


    In an effort to improve its whistleblower program and adapt it to recent Supreme Court demands, the SEC has proposed a slate of amendments to the rules that govern the initiative.

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    Whistleblowers and building trust


    It is now more important than ever for companies to take seriously internal whistleblower reports, get the reports into the hands of the corporate functions that can triage and investigate such information, and keep the whistleblower in the loop more fully as to the status of the investigation.

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    Court throws out Barclays’ Qatar fraud charges


    Barclays Bank received some good news this week when a U.K. court threw out criminal charges relating to its decade-old fundraising deals in Qatar.

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    Vestager says fearsome rep ‘undeserved’


    European Commissioner for Competition Magrethe Vestager talks on competition law, cartels, corporate whistleblowers, compliance, and the Commission’s reputation.

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    What is the tone at Facebook and how far down does it go?


    What does tone-at-the-top mean at an organization? Is it win at any (literally any) cost? If that really is the message, how long, then, before it permeates all the way through the organization? asks The Man From FCPA.

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    Court ruling limits scope of SEC whistleblower reporting


    The U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously required whistleblowers to report complaints directly to the SEC to receive its anti-retaliation protections.

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    Senate once again passes bill to protect whistleblowers in antitrust cases


    The U.S. Senate has unanimously passed the Criminal Antitrust Anti-Retaliation Act to extend whistleblower protection for employees who provide information to the Department of Justice related to criminal antitrust violations. The bipartisan measure has passed the Senate the past two Congresses, but has yet to be taken up by the ...

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    Ireland takes baby steps toward protecting whistleblowers


    No country has a perfect record when it comes to protecting whistleblowers, but Ireland is trying to take steps in the right direction, even if progress remains uneven.

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    Preventing False Claims Act liability


    During a recent panel, federal and state officials, corporate defense attorneys, and whistleblower reps alike debated the ins and outs of U.S. FCA cases and how to defend them.

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    A frontline view of whistleblower trends


    We chat with Carrie Penman, chief compliance officer and senior vice president of NAVEX Global’s advisory services, about how case closure times for whistleblowers are declining, even as reporting rates increase.

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    CMA launches first advertising campaign to curb cartels


    The Competition and Markets Authority is putting out a £100,000 (U.S.$124,822) bounty for those who blow the whistle on cartel activity, but not everyone wants to pay for disclosure.

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    OSHA unveils whistleblower anti-retaliation framework


    OSHA has released its long-awaited guidance on best practices for whistleblower anti-retaliation programs. The recommended framework can be used to create and implement a new program or to enhance an existing program, writes Joe Mont.

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    Wells Fargo and the whistleblower lessons it imparts


    Ethics and compliance officers can learn a lot from the toxic corporate culture at Wells Fargo, especially as it concerns lessons in whistleblower protections. Jaclyn Jaeger has more.

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    An inside look at the SEC Office of the Whistleblower


    Jaclyn Jaeger talks with Sean McKessy, who served as first-ever chief of the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower, about the Whistleblower Program, his time at the SEC, and how companies could improve their whistleblower programs.

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    Will Wells Fargo lead to more whistleblowing?


    Tom Fox looks at expert opinion on whether the recent accounting scandal at Wells Fargo will be used to enhance whistleblower laws and regulations.

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    Jane Norberg named chief of SEC's Office of Whistleblower


    Yesterday, the SEC named Jane Norberg as the new Chief of the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower. Norberg, previously the Acting Chief, fills the position left vacant when Sean McKessy left the agency this summer.

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    Whistleblower awards and new scrutiny of SEC enforcement


    The SEC’s successful whistleblower bounty program is raising some very interesting questions about the future of whistleblowing in general. Tom Fox reports on the agency’s recent enforcement actions.