Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting recently announced the launch of TeamMate+, an intuitive, easy-to-use audit power tool that delivers a modern and streamlined approach to effective and efficient internal audits. TeamMate+ technology and features are based on feedback from a user base of more than 100,000 auditors worldwide and are designed to meet the challenges auditors face today and in the future.

Rich in functionality, TeamMate+ seamlessly consolidates and reports issues and risks for management action. Its collaboration framework, probing analytics and trending capabilities accelerate an organization’s success in identifying and managing potential exposure, and its state-of-the-art design makes it easier to implement and simpler to learn.  

As the number one request in audit software, the ability to configure workflow is a vital capability in the new platform and is representative of how TeamMate continually enhances products with customer feedback in mind. Taxonomy, view, workflows and use roles can now mirror a department’s audit methodology, providing a completely customized experience.

New functionality of TeamMate+ is based on three core principles: simplicity, usability, and configurability.

Features include:

Compatibility across browsers and devices: TeamMate+ is de­signed to work with any screen size by im­plementing a responsive layout that under­stands what device a user is on and how best to display data.

Web-based and cloud optimized: The web-based architecture of TeamMate+ means that a single installation or upgrade is possible making deployment quick and easy. Cloud optimization means that auditors can access their data anytime and anywhere.

Optimized for touchscreens: TeamMate+ is optimized for touchscreens, so auditors can work from where they want however they typically work. Though touchscreens have become commonplace in personal technology, auditors can now take advantage of the accessibility and intuitive nature of touch-technology in their audit workflow.

Flexible and personalized working views: The Dynamic Working View lets auditors change their perspective to any of the standard views provided or to one of their own custom views.

Complete audit trail: Trace­ability concepts help auditors determine who is responsible for what and when work is due, as well as what tasks and tests have been completed and the edit history of that work.A complete audit trail that includes user ac­tions, document edits, hyperlinks, due dates, and more ensures that audit files ful­ly support users’ findings and withstand the scrutiny of outside review.

Fully Configurable Fields & Workflows: TeamMate+, with its extensive configurability, allows each audit department to establish and control their own terms, project milestones, workflow, individual views, and more. Issues Dashboards provide concise visualization of audit data, allowing users to understand issue trends over time and by area within their organization that will enable them to provide meaningful insights to management.

Simple & Elegant User Interface: Users can quickly and easily add content such as risks, controls, and audit procedures from their knowledge base, and easily add work papers using “drag and drop” functionality. The deep Office integration for which TeamMate is known is available in Word and Excel to allow point-to-point hyperlinks, creation of issues and coaching notes directly on these files.