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    BIS charges Chinese cable giant with export control violations


    The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security charged China’s largest cable and wire manufacturer Far East Cable with export control violations related to its alleged dealings with telecommunications company ZTE to circumvent U.S. restrictions against Iran.

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    Judge ends ZTE probation after 5 years


    A U.S. district court judge agreed to end ZTE’s five-year probation following the Chinese telecommunications company’s 2017 guilty plea for violating Iran sanctions.

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    U.S. judge extends term of ZTE monitor: Here’s why


    A U.S. district court judge has extended for two more years the term of ZTE’s court-appointed compliance monitor after the telecommunications company violated a condition of its probation resulting from U.S. sanctions violations.

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    The ZTE Department of Commerce Monitor: uncharted waters


    As part of the resolution to free itself from a U.S. sanction, ZTE has agreed to the unique position of having a court-appointed monitor and one from the Department of Commerce, leading to concerns of a clash of ideas and authority.

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    Banking Committee advances CFIUS bill, hits Trump on ZTE


    The Senate Banking Committee this week advanced the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act. Among its ammendments: prohibiting the President from changing the penalties on Chinese telecommunication companies that have sanctions levied against them.

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    ZTE and the Arthur Andersen myth


    Remember the myth of Arthur Andersen—that if you go to trial in a corruption case and lose, the company will be irreparably harmed? That myth may have arisen once again in the form of a U.S. president criticizing U.S. regulators for penalizing Chinese company ZTE.

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    Trump tweet hints at ZTE deal with China


    Posting on Twitter, President Trump suggested that he might back down from a U.S. ban affecting ZTE, a Chinese-owned technology company that was caught selling American-made parts to Iran.

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    It never pays to lie ... just ask ZTE


    The Man From FCPA is continually reminded that much of the basis of compliance is grounded in wisdom imparted by our parents. Today, we are reminded of one of the most basic ones: Do not lie. That lesson apparently did not reach Chinese state-owned telecom company ZTE.

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    Government bans domestic deals with China-based ZTE


    The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security has imposed a denial of export privileges on Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE. American companies are now prohibited from selling parts and software to ZTE for seven years.

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    ZTE to pay combined $1.19 billion for violating U.S. trade sanctions


    Telecommunications company ZTE has agreed to pay a record-high combined civil and criminal penalty of $1.19 billion, pending approval from the courts, for violating U.S. sanctions by sending U.S.-origin items to Iran.