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  • Christy Goldsmith Romero

    CFTC commissioner calls for agency to require more admissions of guilt


    Commissioner Christy Goldsmith Romero would like the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to stop offering no-fault settlements as a matter of routine but instead force more individuals and corporations to accept responsibility for their wrongdoing.

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    Getting a Better Read on ‘Conduct Risk’


    Image: “Conduct risk” is a phrase uttered by many regulators these days and a menace compliance officers in banking circles worry about more and more. Still, putting a precise definition on it isn’t easy. “Conduct risk frequently demands that a firm address the widest range of policies, processes … and ...

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    U.K. Financial Regulator Explains the New Accountability Rules


    Image: The Financial Conduct Authority released “near final rules” which shows how it will apply the new accountability regimes that hold employees accountable for misconduct in U.K. branches of overseas banks. These rules further explain the FCA’s accountability reform announcement last month that zeroes in on top executives at U.K. ...

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    Restructuring the Bank of England: More Transparency


    Image: In a recent consultation paper, Britain’s Finance Minister George Osborne unveiled his plans to restructure the Bank of England’s regulatory system. Among his initiatives, the National Audit Office will provide more transparency to the central bank, while the Prudential Regulation Authority will no longer operate as a subsidiary and ...