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    Tipalti adds accounts payable tax compliance support for Argentina and Brazil suppliers


    Tipalti, a global supplier of payments automation, has extended its accounts payable tax compliance capabilities to help companies collect and validate tax IDs from their suppliers in Argentina and Brazil. Businesses engaging with suppliers and partners in those countries can now ensure tax compliance by recording tax information for those ...

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    Gresham Clareti ARM offers advanced remittance advice capability


    Gresham, a provider of real-time financial transaction control and enterprise data integrity solutions, added upgrades to its Account Receivables Management (Clareti ARM) offering. The proven “white label” technology, which enables banks to offer receivables management services to their corporate customers, can now receive and process remittance advices, whether in e-mail, ...

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    Tipalti releases end-to-end accounts payable platform


    Tipalti has launched the first ever end-to-end accounts payable automation platform for businesses. The holistic cloud-based solution features brand new invoice collection and approval technology, while streamlining the entire process of managing supplier payment operations—from supplier on-boarding to tax compliance, invoice processing, global payment remittance, and payment reconciliation with ERP.

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    The Popularity, and Peril, of Structured Payable Programs


    Image: Structured payable programs have become increasingly popular in recent years as companies and their lenders search for new ways to access working capital. But according to Robert Rostan, CFO and principal at education firm Training The Street, such arrangements could turn short-term accounts payable into longer-term debt that requires ...

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    Study: Supplier Payment Processes Need Improving


    A new study conducted by market research firm Gatepoint Research and sponsored by global payments solutions provider Tipalti finds significant weaknesses in the systems and processes companies use to mitigate regulatory, compliance, and fraud-related payment risks. According to the study, 66 percent of 100 senior finance and accounting executives polled ...

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    Reducing Systems and Risks in Purchase-to-Pay


    Most companies maintain several systems within their procurement and accounts payable functions, especially if they have grown through acquisition. But several systems can create risks, including low supplier visibility. Fewer systems can help, but it’s not a cure-all. Many companies find they need to take steps to reduce the risks ...

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