Anti-Bribery Enforcement

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    A new chapter in anti-corruption enforcement?


    Jorge Luis Arzuaga, a former managing director at the Swiss bank Julius Baer, pled guilty to having arranged the transfers of more than $25 million in bribes for corrupt FIFA officials. This is the first guilty plea in the plethora of service provides who facilitated the massive corruption scandal engaged ...

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    Five-year limit placed on SEC disgorgement penalties


    The SEC must rethink how it collects billions of dollars through disgorgement now that the Supreme Court has imposed a five-year statute of limitations.

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    The FCPA as an economic tool


    The FCPA is rarely considered as an economoic tool. But as a means of fighting corruption, however, it also helps to improve market efficiency.

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    First British DPA Provides Much to Ponder


    It has finally come to pass: the first deferred-prosecution agreement under the U.K. Bribery Act. From the role of judicial oversight (greater than that in the United States) to the final statement of facts (much greater than that in the United States), the settlement with ICBC Standard Bank is full ...

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    Bristol-Myers Squibb Dodges Criminal FCPA Enforcement


    Image: Last week Bristol-Myers Squibb announced that the Justice Department has decided to prosecute the company for a criminal Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. When you look at the facts of the misconduct, a declination seems a bit far-fetched, but our Man From FCPA, Tom Fox, takes a closer look at ...

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    Chinese Open New Front in Anti-Corruption Investigations


    The Chinese fight against bribery and corruption took an interesting twist earlier this month, when it was announced that the former head of the national oil company, Sinopec, was being investigated for bribery and corruption in the securing of contracts in Angola. If this investigation continues it could open a ...

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    Sticky Situation: Ill-Gotten Gains From FCPA Violations


    Image: One of the continuing myths around FCPA enforcement is so-called “springing liability,” where a company that acquires a business also acquires a FCPA violation along with the purchase. That is not an accurate understanding of the issue, our anti-corruption blogger Tom Fox writes. But it does touch on issues ...

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    Is FIFA Getting Serious About Ethics Reform?


    FIFA seems to be getting serious about the perception that its organization is rife with corruption. Last week it suspended three of its top officials, including President Sepp Blatter. Those suspensions come one week after major sponsors demanded FIFA take action. Our Man From FCPA, Tom Fox, has more inside. ...

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    Double Trouble in Internal Investigations After Schrems


    Image: Last week another huge shift in the compliance world happened: the Schrems decision by the European Court of Justice, finding that the previously presumed European Union Safe Harbor regime is invalid. For the anti-corruption compliance practitioner, the decision is double-trouble when you consider it in light of the recent ...

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    Sponsors Turn Up the Heat on FIFA Corruption


    Image: Four of FIFA’s largest sponsors have called on the group’s president, Sepp Blatter, to resign immediately given his role in possible misconduct at the soccer organization. (Blatter is now under criminal investigation by Swiss prosecutors.) That business-driven pressure, Compliance Week blogger Tom Fox (left) says, might be the first ...