​TRACE enforcement report highlights anti-bribery trends from 2022


The United States broke from a three-year downturn in bribery-related enforcement actions, while Brazil continued its emergence in the space, according to the results of the latest annual Global Enforcement Report by nonprofit TRACE.

The 2022 report, released Thursday, provides a global glimpse into all known bribery enforcement activity—investigations, enforcement actions, and declinations—over the last 46 years, following enactment of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Data from the report is based primarily on cases and investigations tracked in the TRACE Compendium, a searchable database of international anti-bribery enforcement actions.

The report identified 11 enforcement actions concerning bribery of foreign officials brought by U.S. authorities in 2022, which snapped a run of annual decline dating back to 2018, when 20 actions were brought. Still, the total is the second lowest observed in the past eight years, behind only 2021 (eight).

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