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    Novartis responds to ongoing corruption investigations


    Novartis has issued a response concerning ongoing corruption investigations by both Greek and U.S. authorities.

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    FIFA sends a letter


    Under the FCPA  there must be more than simple communication of instructions to not engage in bribery and corruption. Yet, FIFA only wagged its finger and said “do not engage.” Makes one wonder if the organization is actually ready to change.

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    Argentina passes tough new anti-corruption law


    Long criticized for looking the other way on graft, Argentina now requires companies doing business there to build strong anti-corruption programs, and plans to enforce it, as well.

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    Preventing corruption in the mining sector


    A global study from Transparency International explores what causes corruption in the mining sector and what the compliance function can do to help prevent it.

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    SFO charges two in Unaoil investigation


    The U.K. Serious Fraud Office this week charged two individuals in relation to the ongoing Unaoil investigation.

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    A look at corruption risk in Latin America


    Two new corruption reports, assessed together, provide compliance officers and risk officers a comprehensive look at bribery risk in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

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    Car bomb kills ‘Panama Papers’ journalist


    Daphne Caruana Galizia, a relentless advocate for exposing the truth about corruption on the island of Malta and who helped expose its ties to offshore tax havens linked to the Panama Papers, has been killed in a car bombing.

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    Assessing bribery risk country-by-country


    The 2017 TRACE Bribery Risk Matrix is out, designed to help compliance departments assess the likelihood of bribery in each country around the world and better tailor their due diligence practices.

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    Righting a wrong: Compliance lessons from Telia


    Telia Company shares in candid detail what compliance lessons it learned following its recent $956 million global bribery settlement. Those in the ethics, compliance, and legal community will want to listen up.

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    Report: Anti-bribery compliance gaining steam


    A new benchmark report jointly conducted by Compliance Week and Steele Compliance Solutions looks at companies’ anti-bribery and anti-corruption programs.

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    Eni spills about its growing global bribery probe


    A report filed this month by Italian oil giant Eni shows how corruption allegations against it now include Nigeria, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Algeria, and Congo. The number of enforcement authorities, employees, and subsidiaries involved is also spreading.

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    Braskem settles bribery class action for $10 million


    Brazil-based petrochemical giant Braskem has reached a $10 million proposed settlement with U.S. investors for concealing its role in a bribery scheme involving state-owned oil company Petrobras.

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    Stericycle faces FCPA probe


    Stericycle, a medical-waste disposal company, disclosed in a recent securities filing that it is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice for potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act concerning the company’s operations in Latin America.

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    SFO announces Rio Tinto corruption investigation


    Rio Tinto faces large fines if it is found to have engaged in corrupt activity over its massive Simandou iron-mining project in Guinea. Heads have already rolled over it.

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    England: land of crooks or land of enforcement?


    There have been an awful lot of chief executives hauled to court recently in England, which begs the question: Why so many, and why now?

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    First step to end the Car Wash investigation?


    The will to continue the fight against institutional corruption in Brazil may be waning. From the perspective of The Man From FCPA, it appears that it is the beginning of the end for the seismic change that has come over the country starting with Operation Car Wash.

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    G20 to intensify fight against corruption


    Leaders of the G20 met over the weekend to address major global economic challenges. On the agenda: a pledge to make their public administrations more resilient against corruption, ensuring that both companies and individual perpetrators are held to account.

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    Brazil’s largest corruption investigation in history hits new heights … and lows


    As Brazilian investigators look into massive corruption between public officials and one of the country’s biggest companies, scandal-weary Brazilians wonder when this will all end.

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    FCPA enforcement-giving confidence to financial markets


    Judge Stanley Sporkin’s foresight in enacting the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the correct manner is a big reason behind why there is a large amount of confidence in U.S. companies.

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    Auto industry choking on its own fumes


    Volkswagen gets all the stick for being a problem child of the auto industry, but plenty of automakers have compliance issues of their own. A look at some key auto maker probes is inside.